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Orthodox Christening

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The Baptismal Day is one of the most important days in the life of an Orthodox Christian and brings great happiness to the family. The sacrament of Baptism usually occurs in the first year of a baby’s life.

The Godparents have the honour of Christening the baby and traditionally bring to the Church what is called ‘Ladopana’ (items required are set out in our Checklist)

The special ceremony begins with the parents handing the baby to the Godparent or Godparents who speak on behalf of the child. Then the Priest, the parents and Godparents walk towards the front of the Church where a woman (usually the grandmother) takes the baby to undress and wrap in a large towel. The Priest blesses the water in the Baptismal font and adds to it the oil that the Godparents brought. He then takes the baby and rubs with the oil and immerses the baby in the Baptismal font three times. After immersion, the Priest places the child in the open arms of the Godparent who is holding the white sheet and towel. What follows is the sacrament of Chrismation where the Priest then anoints the baby with ‘myrrh’ and cuts three locks from the baby’s hair. 

The Priest also blesses the baby’s clothes and then usually the grandmother will dress the baby in the Christening outfit. The Priest then places a gold cross and chain on the baby and the Godparent takes the baby and lights the big candle and the smaller candles. The baby then receives Holy Communion for the first time.

Following the ceremony can be a celebration either at a home, reception hall or restaurant. This can range from a small gathering with cake and coffee to a huge party with much food and entertainment.

At Ivy Emerald we are very happy to assist with co-ordinating the above very special items for your Baptism.

Please contact Ivy Emerald on +61 2 9969 6074 or via contact page to enquire of pricing.




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